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Rebecca Greenbaum, dancer

"Megan is a thoughtful, knowledgeable, genius of an acupuncturist. After months of physical therapy for tendonitis with no relief, I found Megan and acupuncture. After every session I am in awe of the difference I feel in my body as well as the difference in my dancing as a result of a balanced and aligned body. Megan is the cream of the crop and I credit her for helping me perform at my highest potential!"

Clare Semes, musician

"I've been on every allergy medication and have seen multiple allergists for the past few years and nothing seemed to work. I tried acupuncture mainly to relieve my allergy symptoms, but it helped in more ways than I could ever imagine. I've had more energy, and have been able to live without my allergies getting in the way of my life.  I can't thank Megan enough for this!!!"

Christopher Hernandez, dancer

"I'm a newbie to acupuncture, but not so much to the world of injury and rehabilitation. Three years ago I underwent two hip surgeries to repair torn labrums and address impingements in both of my hips. I've done everything from massage, to extensive physical therapy, even reiki healing, but had not given acupuncture a try. From my experience working with Megan it's one of those things that not until after treatment with time do you fully realize its benefits. I noticed a clear difference in the level of pain and function post treatment. I personally also really enjoy the integration of Megan's vast knowledge and experience as an athletic trainer and manual therapist into her acupuncture practice, not to mention she's one of my favorite therapists.  Acupuncture is something that I see myself benefiting from in the years to come and do highly recommend Megan to others."

Felicia Giunta, dancer

From needle phobic to a true believer.... 

"My first time undergoing acupuncture was with Megan Richardson. Knowing that she was both a dancer and a current practicing athletic trainer, I felt confident that Megan would best know how to help my knotted, dancing body. I was in the process of recovering from a labral tear in my hip and used acupuncture to compliment my physical therapy treatments.  


From the second I stepped into the room, Megan was professional, kind, and attentive.  She could tell I was a bit nervous and answered all of the questions I had. We kept an open dialog throughout the process, which further helped calm my nerves. Megan was articulate and informative, and her vast knowledge of the body helped her specify the exact points she needed to work on the most. Every needle had a specific placement point, and no second during treatment was wasted. Megan was gentle with each insertion. Before I knew it, the treatment was over and I was off to ballet the next day.

The next morning I felt a little sore, but in the days to come I felt like a new dancer. I noticed during barre, it was easier for me to activate my gluteal muscles (which I had been ignoring for so long), and to release any gripping of my hip flexors. I also noticed my hamstrings had more mobility and no longer felt as stiff and "locked" from not having danced in a couple months.


My experiences undergoing acupuncture have been extremely positive. I am dancing stronger and with an increased awareness of my body. Megan has been wonderful and I cannot recommend her enough to dancers and non-dancers alike.  Megan's acupuncture treatments have been extremely effective for me.  She has changed the way I dance, and the way I think about those tiny, (not-so-scary) needles. :)"

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