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Sports & Dance Acupuncture 

75 minutes initial session

55 minutes follow up session

Utilizing functional screening, manual therapy, essential oils, acupuncture and sport/dance specific therapeutic exercise, acute and chronic injuries are addressed.  Together with the client a plan of care is created for a timely and effective return to activity.


Acupuncture sessions combine several styles of acupuncture within each treatment. Unique to this integrated style is the ability to address musculoskeletal trigger points,  muscular motor point deficiencies, and specific musculoskeletal injuries within the global context of Chinese Medicine to balance the entire human system. Muscular trigger points are addressed directly via fasiculating the dysfunctional muscle. This method of needling is sometimes referred to as dry needling.  Application of essential oils on acupuncture points or as part of myofascial massage allows the healing powers of the plant to assist in tissue health as well as emotional support during and long after the treatment session. 


Various manual therapy techniques (such as myofascial release, joint mobilizations, muscle energy technique, soft tissue massage, PNF, gua sha, cupping, Graston, Craniosacral), and exercise modalities may be used as part of an Integrated injury rehabilitation program or independently for performance enhancement.


Combining Acupuncture and manual therapy techniques in this manner is an extremely effective way to speed recovery from injury or intense physical activity and improve performance by optimizing the musculoskeletal and nervous systems, balancing the immune system, reducing anxiety and stress responses, and improving sleep.  By regulating the body systems performance is optimized.  

Cupping session

Cupping therapy uses special cups on your skin to create suction.  Cupping is useful to break up scar tissue and myofascial restrictions, reduce pain, provide deep tissue massage, improve blood flow, and to combat cold/flu onset.

Celluma Infrared session

Near-infrared LED light therapy penetrates deep into muscle and joint tissue to increase circulation, decrease inflammation, alleviate pain, and accelerate natural repair of damaged cells.  

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